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Szentesi Gabona Beszerzési és Értékesítési Szövetkezet was founded in 2001 joint with local farmers all those who work in agriculture. Today we have almost 40 members who cultivate land owned or rented in nearly 10.000 acres.

The plants which are grown by our members clasp wide section of the field production. Our major activity is growing wheat, barley, corn, sweet corn, silage corn and hybrid corn on almost 7.000 acres year by year. On remaining territory we grow oily plants, green bean, green pea, sugar beet and mustard.

By goverment support in 2005  at the  headquarters of the cooperation we built a modern silo storage with 15.000 tons capacity. We have a well-equipped laboratory, our achievement is more than 500 tons a day.

Since 2007 we have been acclaimed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a farmers co-operative group in grain production.

Our primary aim is to develop dinamically. In 2009 we would like to set up a modern grain dryer and cleaner.